SMAZ Presentation: Using Improv to build a genuine online brand

Earlier this year I spoke at the Social Media AZ conference in Tempe, and gave another revision of my talk on Improv + Social Media = BFF. As I explore the topic and give related talks, I’m drilling in on concepts that I think are both more practical and directly applicable. I’m still fascinated by the fuzzy edges of where these two arenas cross, but I’m working to nail down some core principles so I have a foundation upon which to build.

The talk went very well, and I had a lot of great feedback on what resonated and where to tighten it up a bit further. I’ve realized that I’m really talking to a niche with this approach – people who are interested in cultivating quality content – and defining and focusing in on that group are in my plans for future revisions.

Sadly, the video for this talk was never put on-line. I debated doing an audio track for this slideshow, but I think instead I’ll break it down into posts on each section. Then if it comes together well I’ll go back and build out the audio.

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