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  • Tips for First Timers and Indie Authors at SXSW

    Tips for First Timers and Indie Authors at SXSW

    I will sadly not be making the trip to SXSW this year for scheduling reasons, but my past posts of tips and suggestions for people have proved popular so I figured I’d continue that tradition in spite of my absence. First Time Attending SXSW Most of my advice from last year’s A Beginner’s Guide To […]

  • Spreading the word about our digital workshop for authors

    Over at my new venture and craziness of ePublish Unum we are holding a workshop for authors who want to go digital. It’s not for people learning how to write, or how to develop their characters. There are tons of other great conferences for that. This one is for authors who have an idea done […]

  • SMAZ Presentation: Using Improv to build a genuine online brand

    Earlier this year I spoke at the Social Media AZ conference in Tempe, and gave another revision of my talk on Improv + Social Media = BFF. As I explore the topic and give related talks, I’m drilling in on concepts that I think are both more practical and directly applicable. I’m still fascinated by […]

  • Refining this whole Social Media Improv idea…

    This blog has been quiet, but I’ve been working on evolving the idea of Improv and Social Media for the past few months.  I spoke on it at the BOLO conference, and again at PodCampAZ, evolving the discussion both times. BOLO explored a wider range of improv techniques, including many short form games.  My PodCampAZ […]