Bland Romance – Losing a client but regaining some perspective

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Recently I’ve become a bit of a hypocrite in the advice I give about crafting your online brand. Fortunately it recently cost me a client, which helped sort me out.

In general, my advice on this topic goes something like: Show your personality online, and don’t try to play it safe. Stand out, and you will attract the customers who value what you have to offer.

Insightful, right?  If you try to appeal to everyone, you will end up appealing to no one and be lost in the sea of mediocrity.

In spite of this sage advice, over the past few weeks I’ve found myself editing my tweets and Facebook posts, concerned about fallout over who might see them. I basically stopped blogging for not wanting to throw out ideas until I had time to carefully cultivate them into the shining beacons of genius I have little doubt they would become. And in spite of all my caution I lost a speaking engagement this past week. Why? In part because I was more concerned with being what I thought the client wanted than just being me.

Stupid.  If you have your own take on the world, let it shine.  You may scare away some, but you’ll attract those who appreciate what you have to offer.

Take these gents. They take an already polarizing singer like Lady Gaga, put about the nerdiest spin on it I can possibly imagine, and they’ve got 210,000+ views and counting.

As the man said, “To thine own self be true.”

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6 responses to “Bland Romance – Losing a client but regaining some perspective”

  1. Tyler Avatar

    Just don’t go too far. I hear that will give you headaches too.

    1. Jeff Moriarty Avatar

      I think – and I’m still puzzling it out – that is trick is simply to be true to yourself. Subduing it to try and please others, or heightening it just to attract attention, are two different forms of the same problem.

  2. Kelly-Authentic, Relevant, Organic Networking Avatar

    Phone you via Pam Slim’s RT.

    Funny. I JUST wrote about the decision of how much to reveal (and my blasted back and forth on the topic) AND I’ve written about Lady Gaga too. We clearly are on a similar path of online/offline authenticity promoters (we need a cool slang term for this…).

    Anyway, obviously I like this.

    1. Jeff Moriarty Avatar

      Lady Gaga is a bit of the poster-frau for authenticity and style. Many think she does what she does just for the shock, but everything I’ve seen makes me think she genuinely loves it.

      I’d love a cool slang term for this – got anything in mind?

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  4. Elizabeth Newlin Avatar

    OMG, i’m in love with that video. that is hilarious.

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