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  • Instagram adds video, so what’s next for Vine?

    When something gets trendy everybody wants to pile on the bandwagon, and it’s no different in the world of social media. Instagram adds video, Vine responds Instagram, the picture sharing service owned by Facebook, just added the ability to share video in their most recent update. The videos can be up to 15 seconds long, […]

  • First thoughts with my shiny Pebble smart watch

    First thoughts with my shiny Pebble smart watch

    I finally got my Pebble! Pebble is a “smart watch” launched by the most successful Kickstarter Campaign to date. I was one of the first backers, so have been looking forward to playing with this thing for over a year. I had to wait even longer than some people because I’m a fan of color and […]

  • What the bleep is a Bitcoin?

    What the bleep is a Bitcoin?

    It’s been around for years, but it’s only recently been getting mainstream attention. Depending who you talk to, Bitcoin is either the next generation of currency, or just a crazy, unsustainable experiment. Either way it’s utterly fascinating. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin: Is it a realistic substitute for cash? Bitcoin is a virtual currency that exists […]

  • (Really) Geeky Valentine’s Day Ideas

    I do a lot with social media, but really all things techy and geeky entertain me. So this past week I went on Fox 10 here in Phoenix to discuss ideas for the geek in your life on Valentine’s Day. Two of the items are gifts, and two are more ideas for having fun. Unusual […]

  • Twitter launches Vine… but what is it?

    Twitter launches Vine… but what is it?

    Recently Twitter launched Vine, an app that allows people to quickly record and share very short videos. This isn’t the first short-video service to hit the internet, but its tight relationship with Twitter may mean this the one that finally catches on. How Vine works Twitter launches new app to share short videos It couldn’t […]