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The one constant in my life may be my inability to sit still. New problems, emerging ideas, Gordian knots, gooey messes, I love them all. It’s not an issue of boredom, but a desire to explore that goes right down through my bones.

This time it is taking me into the world of consulting and digital publishing.

Stranger in a Strange Land

For the past two years I was the Director of Social Media Strategy at Sitewire, a great digital marketing company in Tempe. Sitewire is a fun, frenetic place to work, and I’m proud of my contribution that helped establish social media as a strong part of their capability suite.  At Sitewire I learned a ton about marketing, digital agencies, and mid-sized business operation.

I also learned that I’m not a marketer. I have skills that lend themselves well to that arena, but that’s worlds apart from it being my career. I’m a problem solver. I’m a connector.

Ideas + People

All the flash mobs, groups, and events I belong to seem random to some people, but really does have a common thread: I like to connect people with ideas. I enjoy helping someone find a voice, a vehicle, a way to share a passion and see where it leads. I also love helping people find the right forum to listen, to discover and digest new ideas that will take their own goals further. Often the specific ideas are less important to me than making connections and seeing what unexpected bits of greatness emerges.

It’s why I think things like Ignite Phoenix and Gangplank are so important. They build an environment for people to connect. What people do with those platforms is up to them. Some people expect magical serendipity, and they’ll leave disappointed, but people who are willing to put effort and energy behind their ideas often see incredible things emerge.

Digital Publishing for Authors

With Improv Media I’m doing independent consulting in social media, event planning, guerrilla marketing, and an assortment of odd things that fit my ranging background. I’m far from done with social media, as the interactions and impact it has on us sociologically remains endlessly fascinating for me. If you’re looking for some creative help in this realm, let me know.

However, my main focus is the bizarre, evolving world of Digital Publishing. I’ve launched a new effort with Evo Terra designed to help authors self-publish their work. The site, called ePublish Unum*, pulls together news, tips, and recommendations for authors, and will soon include courses and our first digital authors workshop here in Phoenix.

It still about the connecting. Old-school publishers are losing their role as middle-men in a shift very reminiscent of what hit the music industry. The tools are all there for authors to directly take their ideas out to readers, and I want to help make that happen for as many people as possible.

I have absolutely no idea how this will work out, but that’s the way I love to roll.


* the name is from the Latin motto “E pluribis unum“, which means “out of many, one“. Don’t worry, nobody else gets it either.





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  1. tacanderson Avatar

    Big congrats Jeff. I get the not being able to sit still part 😉

    I also agree with self/e-publishing. Huge untapped potential. 

    And FWIW, I got it. 

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