A mysterious red button – do you push it?

An ominous black box with a small red button sits in a public square in France. First, watch what happens…

There are three reasons I adore this idea.

It’s fun. This is the most obvious thing about it, but what happens is far beyond just bells and whistles. Dancing lips? Super hugging hands? This is whimsical and silly, right out of the unbounded imagination of a child. Fantastic.

It’s risky. “Let’s take a giant box, put a big red button on it, and… are you with me so far?” I would love to meet the people who came up with this promotion, then the people who approved it and funded it. They didn’t take the 10,000th Fan from their Facebook page and give them a prize in a drab giveaway, they rolled some pretty crazy dice.

Companies seek viral buzz and word of mouth, but reward only comes from risk. This fantastic risk taking that not only makes for an incredibly creative way to get your name out (even to people who don’t speak your language), but says a lot about the company behind it. Any company able to create an idea like this has a fun streak somewhere in their corporate soul.

It rewards the bold. The people who stepped forward, gave into their curiosity, and pushed that button not only received a free trip but an incredible story to tell. The company pushed a figurative mystery button in trying this idea, while the people pushed a literal button.

If you want interesting stories to tell, if you want some adventure in your life, you have to be willing to take some risks and push some buttons buttons – even if you don’t know what the heck they’ll do.






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