Social Media Defined… or is that Defiled?

Been working to shake the dust off of the site, and this video was a perfect vehicle. I sat down with local muppet Evo Terra at Sitewire and we decided to riff on Social Media. The first bit of silliness is below, and there are more to follow.

It’s safe to say we’re dead serious about everything we joked about. You can’t sneeze without getting twenty “Social Media Experts” wet these days, and the level of recursive pontificating on every atomic particle of social media is just insane. I have little doubt I could find serious analysis of social media somewhere online much more ridiculous than this.

The whole thing was entirely improvised, though hardly in the good sense of the word. Evo and I share the ability to, as he puts it, “turn on our mouth and let it run for a while.”  This is helpful in improv, but rarely results in quality.  We take turns trying to screw each other with bad set ups, and you can see in our faces when we get an idea we think is possibly dumber than the ones before it.  Yet we still managed to build some themes, create a little story arc, and leave no syllable of “social media” unscathed.

Many props to Joe Holt for editing this beast together.  I’ll link to the next ones when they come together, and in the meantime will keep oiling up the rusty hinges.





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