This blog is an endowment exercise, where I act the part of a social media enthusiast, with a background in improv comedy, and attempt to merge those concepts into an ongoing scene of amusement, philosophy, and education.

Under intense mental shock-treatment (whether they knew it or not) from the likes of Havi Brooks, Naomi Dunford, Jonathan Fields, Chris Guillebeau, and the amazing Pamela Slim, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what I’m really after in my online corner in the world. I came to the realization that while I talked a lot, I wasn’t always saying very much.  Sometimes it was for fear of alienating readers, or causing friction with my employer, or a host of other silly reasons that didn’t amount to much in the final analysis.

After a mental walkabout, personality inventory, and general navel gazing it started to coalesce. My long dormant passion for improv comedy and my interest in social media are connected, and that is what I am here to pursue. It may sound like an odd connection, but if you stick around a bit I think I can make a good case. Since this light bulb went off, I can barely keep up with all the content ideas that have been tumbling forward.

Can I turn them into something worthwhile?  Can I make a cohesive connection?  Will this be anything more than idle musings?

Time will tell. The show begins now, and tickets are free.



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2 responses to “And… ACTION!”

  1. Tyler Hurst Avatar

    I, like many, have been waiting for this for some time now. Let me know if you need support, a kick in the ass or just an ear to bounce things of off.

    You’re good. Start acting like it.

  2. Ruth L. Blackburn Avatar
    Ruth L. Blackburn

    Hi Jeff, I finally found you! We miss you terribly and the many other free thinkers who are now long gone from blah, blah corp…
    Since you gave me my handle, I have grown to love and use it to my full advantage and fastidiously (thank you)! I agree with Tyler, you ARE good and as long as you blog I will join in the madness!

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