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(Really) Geeky Valentine’s Day Ideas

I do a lot with social media, but really all things techy and geeky entertain me. So this past week I went on Fox 10 here in Phoenix to discuss ideas for the geek in your life on Valentine's Day. Two of the items are gifts, and two are more ideas for … [Continue reading]

Twitter launches Vine… but what is it?

Recently Twitter launched Vine, an app that allows people to quickly record and share very short videos. This isn't the first short-video service to hit the internet, but its tight relationship with Twitter may mean this the one that finally … [Continue reading]

Mission Possible: Engaging the public and spreading good deeds at ASU

Filling out the Dream Board

A few months ago I was asked to come in and speak to a Socially Engaged Practice class at Arizona State University (ASU) about flashmobs and engaging the public. I'm an ASU alum, but rarely visit campus so had no idea what to expect. It ended up … [Continue reading]

Instagram hits the web with a new look

Social network is all about sharing parts of our lives, and what better way to share than visually? While some people love Twitter and the challenge of cramming wisdom into 140 characters, others vastly prefer to share pictures of the world around … [Continue reading]