Helping authors enter the world of digital publishing

Surprise! Publishing is going digital. It’s actually been digital for a while. Every part, that is, except the last piece, where you hold a printed book in your hand. All steps before that? Analog.

But now that’s changing. In March of 2011, ebooks outpaced paperbacks. Soon they’ll eclipse the sale of hardbound books. It’s going to happen.

Writers with an established fan base are skipping publishers, taking the direct approach. This used to be a pipe dream & now it is reality. For them, publishers just get in the way.

Agents are breaking a time-honored rule and becoming publishers. Why settle for a few percentage points when you did all the work to find the talent?

The same is happening to editors, distributors, designers, marketers and countless other service providers. We live in a connected, non-linear world. It was foolish to think things would always stay the way they were.

But accepting the changing nature of publishing doesn’t do you a lick of good if you don’t know that all those pieces connect. How to make those connections. How to get your work from a .doc file to inside someone’s head.

We do. And there’s power in that knowledge. Even better: we’ll teach you.

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