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  • Hosting AMA Phoenix Awards

    I haven’t seen it all in the marketing world, but I’ve seen quite a bit. I’ve worked for startups, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. I worked for five years bringing digital to a major market television station and now work as a Public Information Officer. So it was enormous fun to host the AMA Phoenix […]

  • The Big (Sad) List of Social Media Titles

    The Big (Sad) List of Social Media Titles

    When I worked at Intel many years ago I wrote a blog for them about all the screwy Social Media job titles people had. It was on their external blog and lived for a year or two after I left, but now has gone poof. It’s a shame because many of the titles I joked […]

  • What really makes something “news?”

    What really makes something “news?”

    Recently I’ve been pondering what makes something “news.” It seems simple, but when I asked people for their own definitions almost nobody agreed. Does it have to be recent? Does it have to be life changing? Does it have to be strictly facts? News is very subjective in its definition. It’s also very subjective in […]

  • Lace up your gloves for 12 rounds with Vaynerchuk

    Lace up your gloves for 12 rounds with Vaynerchuk

    “Authentic” is an eye-rollingly overused word, but I still apply it to Gary Vaynerchuk. I first ran into Gary about the time Twitter started, and every time I’ve encountered him since then I’m always curious to hear what he’s going to hold court about. I know I won’t always agree with it, but that’s fine. […]

  • Instagram adds video, so what’s next for Vine?

    When something gets trendy everybody wants to pile on the bandwagon, and it’s no different in the world of social media. Instagram adds video, Vine responds Instagram, the picture sharing service owned by Facebook, just added the ability to share video in their most recent update. The videos can be up to 15 seconds long, […]

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