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Instagram adds video, so what’s next for Vine?

When something gets trendy everybody wants to pile on the bandwagon, and it’s no different in the world of social media.

Instagram, the picture sharing service owned by Facebook, just added the ability to share video in their most recent update. The videos can be up to 15 seconds long, and you create them inside Instagram by recording little snippets of video until you’re happy. It wouldn’t be Instagram if it didn’t have filters, so you can then apply all sorts of goofy effects to your video before you post it.

The way it works feels very similar to Vine, which is the short video sharing service owned by Twitter. The difference there is, um… well, the videos are only six seconds long and there are no filters. But Vine has been gaining momentum the past few months so it came as no big shock that Facebook/Instagram would want to steal some of that action. The people at Vine have made some jokes about the new features and released their own teaser videos hinting at new features.

Check out the clip above to watch me discuss the whole affair (and the new Facebook comment images feature) with the crew at Fox 10 in Phoenix.

Will those features be something useful or just an attempt to re-differentiate themselves from Facebook? Who knows. Video apps are hot right now and there could be a lot more copycatting back and forth before the dust settles.

In the meantime it will be interesting to see how much of my Instagram feed turns from pictures to video, and what all those people do who just like to take pictures of their food. If they all start posting videos of them eating it, it’s going to get disgusting in a hurry.


Instagram hits the web with a new look

Social network is all about sharing parts of our lives, and what better way to share than visually? While some people love Twitter and the challenge of cramming wisdom into 140 characters, others vastly prefer to share pictures of the world around them.

That’s part of what has made Instagram such an enormously popular web service, passing Twitter in the number of daily mobile users and (according to Mark Zuckerberg) having more than 100 million users overall. That demand is why Zuckerberg + Facebook purchased Instagram for about $715 million.

Up until now, Instagram has been a mobile-only service. You could see Instagram pictures shared to Facebook or Twitter, but not someone’s entire gallery. That’s now changed with the rollout of Instagram Profiles, which allow you to see someone’s entire Insagram collection. Is it a coincidence it looks a bit like the Facebook cover photo? Doubtful.

If you want to see the profiles in action, check out the above video that I did with Fox 10 here in Phoenix. We look at what some brands are doing on Facebook, and touch on the whole filter/no-filter debate. You can also take peek at my peculiar Instagram page.