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First thoughts with my shiny Pebble smart watch

I finally got my Pebble! Pebble┬áis a "smart watch" launched by the most successful Kickstarter Campaign to date. I was one of the first backers, so have been looking forward to playing with this thing for over a year. I had to wait even longer … [Continue reading]

What the bleep is a Bitcoin?

It's been around for years, but it's only recently been getting mainstream attention. Depending who you talk to, Bitcoin is either the next generation of currency, or just a crazy, unsustainable experiment. Either way it's utterly fascinating. What … [Continue reading]

Life is tastier when you take risks – Breakfast With Strangers

Breakfast With Strangers

Back in December of 2012 I saw a thread on Reddit from two people who were driving around the country and trying to meet interesting people for breakfast. They were wondering if anyone in Phoenix could help them out. Let's see... random connecting … [Continue reading]

Tips for First Timers and Indie Authors at SXSW

Jeff Moriarty

I will sadly not be making the trip to SXSW this year for scheduling reasons, but my past posts of tips and suggestions for people have proved popular so I figured I'd continue that tradition in spite of my absence. First Time Attending SXSW Most … [Continue reading]