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  • Life is tastier when you take risks – Breakfast With Strangers

    Life is tastier when you take risks – Breakfast With Strangers

    Back in December of 2012 I saw a thread on Reddit from two people who were driving around the country and trying to meet interesting people for breakfast. They were wondering if anyone in Phoenix could help them out. Let’s see… random connecting with people, looking for good food, a chance to show off Phoenix? […]

  • Improvisation on Screen: 25 Greatest Unscripted Lines

    When studios have tens of millions of dollars riding on a film, and a director has his image and reputation on the line, actors are often hammered to stick to the script exactly as written. Many great directors, like Alfred Hitchcock, felt that actors should stick to the business of acting and leave the script […]

  • Plan less and explore the unexpected

    There’s a time for planning, and a time to riff. Planning helps you construct something specific, when details of your product are known. Creativity is often focused in the early phases of creation and limited once plans are set. Riffing (or improvising) has boundaries and constraints, but the final product isn’t known until the end. […]

  • Improv session: Twitter Uncovered

    Last year Evo Terra and I sat down to riff on social media topics, and we’ve been working to get some videos out with the goofy output. This time up, the topic is Twitter – why it is so popular, how it evolved, and how it can make money: These were fun sessions, and worked […]

  • Why Improv?

    To explain how improv relates to social media, I need to talk a bit about improv itself. I plan to dive into some of the mechanics and even some of the psychology, but I’ll start with the definition Wikipedia gives me: Improvisation is the practice of acting, singing, talking and reacting, of making and creating, […]